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Hitachi is a thoughtful look at the lengths to which we go to arrange our tools and materials through the lens of a cordless electric drill.


The Heart of Invention: Landscape Poster

The Burlington Free Press: January 23, 2075


Predicting a world in which cooking at home is no longer a part of American culture, The Burlington Free Press is hurled over 50 years into the future. Articles on the front page allude to government sponsored restaurants, illegal hunting and meat processing, a ban on kitchen appliances, and a monopoly on heirloom farming. The slogan "Keep the line moving!" urges citizens to sign up for government issued lunch boxes in order to expedite takeout food orders and mitigate traffic overflows at public restaurants.

An ideation tool as part of  Eating Together , Lentz's MFA Products of Design thesis.

An ideation tool as part of Eating Together, Lentz's MFA Products of Design thesis.


Iterations on branding and graphic styles for finch nails, RF synthetic fingernails that function as wearable all-access technology and bridge the gap between the transhumanist movement and everyday people.