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things that go

"One of, if not the simplest thing to build with Legos is a vehicle. You can do it using only two pieces. Take a block with four or more connectors and place it on top of a wheel piece with four or more connectors. You’re done. Now you’re free to explore the expanse of the living room couch, the carpet in front of the TV, or the rocky terrain of the fireplace; surfaces that become entire worlds in light of your tiny, new creation. I figured this out as soon as I was old enough not to try and eat a normal-sized Lego. From Legos, I graduated to bigger ideas. In elementary school, I had dreams of building go-karts and other vehicles from the junk I could find in the shed or the garage. In middle school, the dreams became attempts at building pushcarts from plywood and bicycle wheels, rocket-powered toys that shouldn’t have rockets, and parachutes from Wal-Mart sacks… In high school, with a growing knowledge of the way things work, attempts became successful constructions of potato cannons (which later became D-battery cannons), more dangerous toys that shouldn’t have rockets, and bicycles with engines. Everything went somewhere. Everything moved. There was adventure in movement and motion. There still is. With things that move, I can go forward and explore the world around me, while looking back to explore the experiences and dreams of my childhood."

Hendrix Gallery Statement, 2012